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How easy is it to learn DomusDraft
Very easy! In fact, most users learn the app within 10 minutes. However, many learn the ins and outs in less time. But don’t worry, if you have questions, you can always contact our technical support team.
What kind of technical support do I get with the app?
Every DomusDraft user is granted free access to our friendly, responsive technical support team.
I don't go to court. Can I still benefit from DomusDraft?
Yes! We work with a lot of firms that never step foot in a courthouse. For some firms, we've created client intake forms, retainer letter automations, and more!
Can I access the App on my mobile device?
Yes, you can use DomusDraft on your tablet or smart phone.
Can more than one user access my account?
Your user account is perfectly tailored to you. Individuals who would like to provide DomusDraft to multiple members of their team should contact us to discuss our Enterprise plan.
Is DomusDraft available across Canada?
Certainly. We service law firms from coast to coast in Canada.
How do I know the content in your templates will stay up-to-date?
We are constantly updating our templates. With our cloud-based service there’s no need to download updates.
Are there templates for all court documents?
We have a number of civil litigation templates available for our per use and premium users. For our enterprise members, however, we are able to automate any document they'd like!

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