Affordable prices for everyone.

Big firm tools at a small firm price


$19/ session

Ideal for legal professionals who occasionally practice civil litigation
Can be billed as a disbursement to your client
Instant access to ready-to-use templates and precedents
Robust, industry-standard data security


$12/ month


Ideal for individual lawyers or legal professionals
Instant access to ready-to-use templates and precedents
Templates and precedents for various levels of court
Information stored and prepopulated for future use
Robust, industry-standard data security


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Best for legal teams that want to optimize their time
We create custom applications from your documents.
Instantly download your generated documents in one click
Enhanced Customer Support
Automate your retainer letters, reporting letters and more
7 Days Free Trial
Take a Risk-Free, no-obligation, seven-day test drive on us!
Money Back Guarantee
If you want to cancel your subscription, let us know within 7 days and we will refund your purchase.
Unlimited Possiblities
After seven days with the DomusDraft, you’ll be left wondering how you ever ran your practice without it!

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